Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Linux Ubuntu; Best Buy is selling Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux is being sold by Best Buy stores. Best buy is selling a boxed version of Ubuntu. The boxed version of Ubuntu retails for $19.99 and comes with free online support for sixty days. There is also a quick start guide that comes with the package to make installing Linux alot easier.

True you can download Ubuntu for free. But this doesn't work for people with dial up or those who are not technically savvy. Plus the downloaded version has to be burned to a CD. Not everyone has a CD burner and not everyone wants to go thru all this trouble just to install Linux.

Overall this is great move for Ubuntu. It is being offered in a mainstream store with free technical support. This means that finally Ubuntu is a bit more plug and play. It also makes Ubuntu easier to give as a gift !!the free technical support and quick start option is the kicker, though. It makes Ubuntu and Linux in general alot less intimidating to try and a;lot more accessible to the general public. I am sure that the Best Buy move will be mirrored by other major retailers pretty soon.

Check with your local Best Buy store to see if they sell the boxed version of Linux Ubuntu. If not they can order it from a store that has and notify you as to when you can pick up.